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construction 1024x672 Turn Key Reconstruction

BBMK Contracting is setup to handle all your emergency needs. Our team of experts will respond rapidly anywhere throughout the US. We have the ability to deploy hundreds to thousands of employees at any given time.

Within 24 hours we can have your project manned and the process of rebuilding underway.

Our company specializes in restoration required from wind, fire, and water. BBMK Contracting services the needs of some of the largest insurance carriers in the world. These carriers rely on our company to provide them with manpower, skilled labor and supervision to complete the most challenging of projects.

We are proud of our ability to turnkey your restoration projects on a massive scale. BBMK aided in disaster response to both Hurrians Dolly & Ike. BBMK supplied manpower in a time and material basis and constructed teams to rebuild the ruin.

BBMK Contracting will create  your budget, estimate,k and forecast all project costs; while working hand in hand with your insurance carrier.

BBMK Contracting will handle projects from the tear out through the complete reconstruction. When a disaster strikes, you can count on BBMK Contracting to handle your crises with care.

Water Damage Restoration Water Damage Restoration

While fire claims receive more attention, water damage can have as large an impact if not greater. Many claims we work on are caused by different types of water intrusions. Many times, it is not as easy to identify the extent of the damages until some demolition and proper scoping can be done.

Our professionals have serviced all types of water damage claims from roof leaks, main breaks, fire suppression systems to ground water. No matter where the leak is coming from it is important to identify the cause and correct the problem, and ensure that all potential further damage is mitigated.

FireDamage 1024x682 Fire, Smoke & Soot

Fires are a cause of many of the projects we handle, they cause extreme distress on our clients and greatly impact lives and businesses alike. Our team of technicians and experts are trained in not only proper techniques in addressing the damages caused by the fire, but also there to explain and create an understanding with the client.

It is our goal not only to get your business or home back to its pre-loss condition, but also to get our clients’ lives back in order. We take it personal and try to ensure that every project is dealt with as someone’s loss, not just a project.

mold Mold & Microbial Remediation

Mold damage may not be visible at times, and can cause harmful sometimes life threatening illnesses if not treated properly. To the average person, mold is mold. This is not true, each strand of mold carries different characteristics and different levels of threat.

BBMK’s personnel are trained on the proper practices for mold & microbial remediation according the national standards set by the IICRC. We are able to recommend a variety of companies such as consultants, hygienists, or engineers who will test the areas and identify the proper protocols for the remediation of the mold to ensure the practices adhere to all OSHA and IICRC standards.

hurricanedamage Wind, Hurricane & Tornado Recovery

Natural Disasters occur throughout the country, they are unpredictable and devastating. BBMK’s recovery team mobilizes throughout the country responding promptly and effectively to many different types of natural disasters.

Many of our clients have locations throughout the United States and we ensure them prompt response regardless of the location. It is the immediate response that can make or break a claim. If a project is not tended to quickly, the damages continue to escalate, taking what could have been routinely handled to a full blown catastrophe.

Let BBMK create a national response plan for your business, and rest assured your projects will be handled as our priority.

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